Ours values

Social utility and dissemination

  • To promote applied research that aims to benefit society
  • Publicly disseminate our results, notably via our blog, and promote open access research more widely
  • Encourage innovative forms of dissemination to reach a wide audience

Excellence in research in and on the Global South

  • To train young researchers and facilitate research innovation produced in the South
  • Provide a space for exchange of practices and reflexivity among peers for our associate researchers
  • Regularly share our research with peers (through colloquia, scientific journals, networks, etc.) in order to discuss, analyse and evaluate our findings.

Respect and transparency

  • Inform and discuss with all stakeholders the objectives of the research
  • Ensure that the research does not harm those who participate in it, notably by guaranteeing the anonymity of respondents, and respecting their right to privacy as well as the safety of our researchers
  • Disseminate the results of the research to all stakeholders.


  • Promote, whenever possible, participatory research that makes the participants full-fledged actors in our research projects
  • Encourage methodological innovation to ensure the quality of our work
  • Develop collaborations with local research partners.